The Alpha Group is a network of self licensed financial planning firms based in greater Melbourne area. The group contains a diverse range of member firms which each share their unique business models and knowledge for the collective benefit of the group.

By numbers, the Alpha Group has;
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Activities of the Alpha Group include:

  • The Alpha Group Conference held around September or October each year.  The purpose of the conference is to extend the experience and knowledge of presenters to the wider group being Principal Members advisers and support staff to deliver relevant continuing professional development.
  • The Alpha Group Sponsor day is a supplementary event held in March each year which gives members the opportunity to network and further develop technical knowledge.
  • Principal member meetings are held each quarter to discuss issues of common interest and share experiences and expertise.
  • Establishment of working committees to enhance the skills and knowledge of member practices (e.g. software knowledge, compliance, legislative changes).
  • Pooling of resources of members to improve efficiency in order to provide superior advice in the “best interests” of clients.

Members are currently developing new initiatives to generate better client outcomes in the areas associated with:

  1. The FOFA legislative changes
  2. Improvements in the usage of CRM, Portfolio Administration and Reporting Software
  3. Developing Group Compliance Resources
  4. Streamlining the delivery of ‘Best Interest’ Strategy Reports and Technical Services
  5. Using Pooled Resources to explore cost-savings for member firms and their clients
  6. Creating communication and marketing materials to reinforce the value of clients receiving advice

Please see below our member firms who are located all over the greater Melbourne area.